So here’s one called July 20th.<3 #freeverse #pillowtalks #latenightponderings #poetry #cocolahippie #kevin #ocean #rivers
Okay so I saw a few poetry posts on IG tonight and I told myself if I saw 4 then I’d take it as a sign to share a poem. I saw 6. So needless to saw I’m digging up one of my poems. I hardly share because I don’t want anyone to steal them. So here I go. If you don’t like it, that’s okay. Don’t lie and say it’s great if you don’t believe it. ;) This is just a test for me. <3
Just found the chore labels. So glad I invested in this when I could!!! :) #financialpeacejunior

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Anonymous asked: "Stay" is amazing. Ive been feeling this, thank you lora. If I could ever open up I feel like youd understand best.


Awww. Talk to yr journals you will be surprised by how much they understand 

Lora mathis, your comment is now my FB stat. <3

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I’ve been absorbed

So soaked up in my world of work, Gavin, work, Gavin, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin Gavin, work. I’m losing the nurturing myself aspect of parenting. I haven’t honestly bathed in a few days. I ran out of dish soap and now money. I’m scrambling. I’m grateful for everything we have but I’m just tired of not having anything. I swear once my life picks up, I’m getting a nanny/babysitter and a housecleaner. I’m supposed to be a poet already! :p

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i love this